Circus Sisi Wote

Circus Sisi Wote is a partnership between Westside Circus and St Paul’s African House that began in 2017. Since then we have partnered to present activities in our venue with a focus on engaging African children and youth, but welcoming everyone to participate. Community response to these opportunities has been very strong with consistent participation; a clear indication that Westside Circus is providing activities that are appreciated and indeed needed. The potential for these kinds of activity to have a lasting positive impact on the young people involved has been obvious, changes such as increased confidence, resilience, hand eye co-ordination and better communication skills.

2020 was a challenging year for Circus Sisi Wote particularly with the COVID restrictions preventing trainers from Melbourne to attend our classes face to face. Together we rose to the challenge to provide another regional trainer and upskilled young African people in our community to lead the program. We were also most fortunate to have a documentary created about this time.

Circus Sisi Wote’s most recent performances and the COVID documentary can be viewed on our Youtube page.

Circus Sisi Wote: Covid Docmentary