Terms & Conditions of Hire

The following Terms and Conditions of hire ensure that your planned event or function matches the purpose and policies of our beautiful facility.

About St Paul’s African House

St Paul’s African House is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation, that supports the African-Australian community by providing a space for celebrations, cultural expression, and the sharing of stories, a venue for training, development, and education. It is particularly a space for Africans from a refugee background and their families, in recognition of their high needs in our community. 

St Paul’s African House is a “place of gathering” for all members of the community and it is expected that individuals and groups hiring the facilities will respect and honour the facility, others using it, and those in adjoining properties.

St Paul’s African House hiring fee schedule is structured to maintain financial viability of our not-for-profit organisation, covering the costs of the provision of appropriate functions, programs, building maintenance, and staff wages.                                                                          

Hiring of the Facilities

The facilities or parts thereof are available for hire to individuals and organisations.

The building cannot be used for the purpose of spiritual guidance, religious teaching, preaching, or worship.

Application for Hire

  • Booking enquiries are made via our website www.stpaulsafricahouse.org
  • All bookings are subject to approval by African House staff
  • Once the application is approved, the hire is required to confirm the booking with a payment.
  • All hirers will be required to attend an appointment to receive an induction of the facilities.
  • All hires must be booked and paid for prior to the event (unless other arrangements have been negotiated in advance)
  • Individuals hiring the facility are covered under St Paul’s African House public liability insurance. 
  • Organisations and associations hiring the facility must provide evidence of their own current public liability insurance.
  • All long-term hires will be reviewed annually.
  • St Paul’s African House has the right to vary the terms and conditions of hire if considered necessary.
  • Any disputes relating to the hiring of the facility can be directed to the St Paul’s African House Executive Officer ()

Hiring fees

Hiring fees will be charged according to St Paul’s African House Fee Schedule which has been approved by St Paul’s African House Executive and ratified by St Paul’s Lutheran Church Council.


A bond will be charged to cover any damage to the building, fittings or furniture, loss of key or any additional cleaning if required. The user will also be liable to pay a further amount, in excess of the bond, to meet the full cost of damage or cleaning.  The bond is specified in the Fee Schedule and will be returned if there is no damage, loss of key or no additional cleaning needed.


Hirers will be invoiced once the booking enquiry has been approved.

The period of use 

The period of use is defined as the dates and time booked. One hour before and after the hiring time is allowed, free of charge, for setting up and packing away

Telephone and Internet

Hires must have a working mobile phone in case of emergency. Internet access details can be found at the front table as you check in.

I.T. Assistance

Hirers are advised to bring their laptops, USB’s etc. to trial them at their induction appointment to ensure smooth operation for their function or event. On-call assistance is NOT available prior to or during events.

Hiring of kitchens

Kitchens may be available for cooking and food preparation for external events but the person hiring the kitchen is responsible for obtaining approval for the event from the Greater Shepparton City Council and for complying with food handling/safety requirements.

Hirers may use the equipment provided in the kitchenette but are required to bring their own supplies such as tea, coffee, sugar, milk, serviettes, and tablecloths.  Table linen can be hired at an extra charge.

Deep fryers may be hired for events. The hirer and all people using the fryers must undertake a safety induction.


A deposit of 50% may be required to be paid at the time of booking.  

Cancellation policy    

Cancellation of the use of the facility must be made at least 7 days prior to the date of the function or event. 50% of your payment will be forfeited if cancellation is made less than 7 days. This does not include cancellations that occur due to COVID-19 or Government regulations and restrictions.


Where possible, the building will be opened for hirers during normal working hours.  A key and security tag will be allocated for access required after business hours.


Decorating materials may be attached to the lower level of the walls using blu-tack only; no nails, tacks or other adhesive is to be used.


Smoking is not permitted inside the building or near the entrance of the building.  A cigarette butt tray is available for outside use.  There is to be no smoking within 10 metres of the children’s playground.


Off street parking is provided free of charge.


Alcohol is only permitted with prior permission from St Paul’s African House. Appropriate insurance, a specific licence and legislative requirements must be met if alcohol is to be sold.


All music and loud noise in the car park must cease at the agreed time of the event finishing. All music and loud noise must stop by 10pm Sunday – Thursday and 11pm on Friday & Saturday.

Setting up/packing up

All tables, chairs and kitchen equipment etc. are to be wiped and placed into their original place after each function.


The facilities are to be cleaned to the same standard in which they were received. A checklist will be provided as part of the induction process.


All hirers must agree to follow the COVID-19 Safe Practices agreement.

Leaving the premises

  • The facility alarm will be activated at 12 midnight. Anyone in the building after this time will set off the alarm and be responsible for the payment of the security call out fee.
  • Place all sound and AV equipment back in the cupboard and lock the cupboard before leaving.
  • Ensure that the facility is clean and tidy, and furniture placed as you found it
  • If you are the last person to leave, all lights, heaters, air conditioners must be turned off, the windows and the front and back doors must be locked the security alarm switched on
  • NB: St Paul’s African House is in a residential area.  Please be considerate of our neighbours and leave as quietly as possible i.e. no tooting of horns and calling out across the parking area.